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The Emergency Vote

I was surprised that the Republican count went so high (but David French pretty much nailed it in his prediction on the Editors podcast a couple of weeks ago). As we said in our editorial earlier in the week, this wasn’t an easy vote. Evidence for that was Thom Tillis and Ben Sasse voting against. Tillis looks terrible, having written in opposition to the emergency declaration a couple of weeks ago and then changing at the last minute. He may avoid a primary problem but now probably has added to his general-election problem. I can see Sasse thinking he’s already given at the office in terms of his opposition to Trump, and consequentially feeling justified in deciding to duck-and-cover. Still, this is a pretty big vote for a vocal, self-described constitutional conservative to take a pass on. But, hey, as William Rusher said, politicians always let you down. Two exceptions to that very reliable rule are Mike Lee and Pat Toomey, who are both thoughtful, constructive, and principled, and demonstrated it yet again yesterday.

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