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Krauthammer’s Take: ‘The Whole 100-Day Thing Is Absurd’

Taking on the issue of tax reform, Charles Krauthammer argued that Trump only has to worry about getting it done in time to stimulate growth, not to meet an arbitrary 100-day deadline:

I think this is the single most important legislative initiative for the Trump presidency. I think health-care reform is much more a congressional deal, it preceded Trump. But Trump is the one who ran on this, he ran as a businessman — and also, this is his one chance, and I think it will be a good chance, to actually stimulate the economy, to get to three percent or near three percent. And that would make his presidency. I think the whole 100-day thing is absurd. Does anybody remember what Obama accomplished in 100 days, or George W. or Clinton? Nobody remembers. All that matters is what happens in your first term, and the key is going to be tax reform.

If Trump has to answer on the first term, I think he says Gorsuch, Keystone, Dakota Access, deregulation, and around the world he’s put the world on notice that America is back, it’s willing to act. I think those are major achievements.

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