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Trump, Hillary, and Their Supporters

For a long time, conservatives like me have made a point about Hillary supporters: They tend to stipulate that she has behaved in corrupt, mendacious ways. They really won’t argue back with you. They just say, “I want her anyway. She’s for abortion,” etc. (Well, they don’t normally say “She’s for abortion,” but you know what I mean.)

I have noticed something similar with Trump supporters. They won’t really argue with you about corruption and other flaws. They don’t want to hear about Trump University, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, the eminent-domain stuff, the stiffing of creditors, the bankruptcies, the hiring practices at the club in Palm Beach, the donations to the worst of the Dem politicians (including Hillary), etc. They just want what they want.

Recruiters for Trump University were instructed to avoid facts, ideas, solutions, and the like. They were to sell “feelings.”

Trump and Hillary are alike in many ways — I think they have more in common politically than they don’t, as I’ve noted before — and so are their supporters.


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