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Trump Hits 50 Percent Approval in New Poll

Rasmussen Reports, in a survey of 1500 likely voters, puts President Trump at 50 percent approval, 49 percent disapproval. Rasmussen tends to be more favorable to Trump than other pollsters. Trump has scored 50 percent with Rasmussen several times this year, and has even hit 51 percent.

Other polls, though, tell a similar story: Trump’s approval rating is ticking up. He’s at 47 percent according to The Hill, 44 percent with Reuters, 44 percent with The Economist, 43 percent with Politico. The RealClearPolitics polling average gives Trump an overall score of 44.1 percent. On this day in 2011, then-President Obama’s approval rating according to the same metric was 44.0 percent.


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