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A few more thoughts on The Donald:

  • If he’s doing all this on a lark, it’s going to be a costly one for him. Not just in terms of business. I assume that he can handle that. But if he values the opinion of the type of people who frequent celebrity events, he’s going to take a big hit. There’s a reason that there are so few outspokenly conservative celebrities. Trump says he’s been surprised at the backlash against him — he shouldn’t be.
  • Still, it’s amazing that Trump is setting the pace for the populist right at the moment, so much so that Ted Cruz is gingerly dancing around him.
  • If Trump could be bothered to learn something about immigration, he could say many things about it that need saying and that would outrage the media-industrial complex, while sticking to the facts. (I wrote last week about how low-skill immigration from Mexico is an entirely legitimate issue.) In his latest effort to explain what he really meant, Trump now maintains that “the Mexican government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States.” This is completely absurd. It’s true that Mexico benefits greatly from remittances from people in the United States, but it’s not frog-marching its poor over the border.
  • Assuming that Trump keeps running, his downfall will probably come when he inadvertently says something that offends populist conservatives. It is not hard to see it happening, since his alleged conservatism is of such recent vintage.
  • Finally, over on the home page, Linda Chavez has a response to my Donald Trump column from last week. More about that later.


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