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Democrats Would Be Idiots Not to Take a John Bolton-Hunter Biden Trade

I don’t know if the talk of a John Bolton-Hunter Biden witness swap is real (Schumer is pouring cold water on it), but if it is, Democrats would be idiots not to take it.

Bolton is a very important figure in Republican politics who was at the center of the Trump’s foreign policy operation and almost certainly, given what we’ve heard about his attitude in other testimony, opposed the Ukraine scheme. He’s also an unvarnished truth-teller whose testimony, if it’s critical of Trump, will be played by the media as a game-changing bombshell.

Hunter Biden, on the other hand, is sad sack, who might elicit public sympathy even if he can’t defend his shady money-grubbing. It’s hard to see such testimony hurting Joe Biden’s campaign any more than it already has been by the whole business.

Democrats should be eager for this deal.


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