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No Promise Has Been Broken

I agree with every argument made by Kevin Williamson in his piece “Hell, No,” in terms of whether it is allowable for the GOP’s apparent presidential also-rans to refuse to endorse Donald Trump, as a matter of honor.

I just write to say that there is no sense, none whatsoever, in which they have yet violated a single pledge.

They pledged — mistakenly, and it is a pledge Trump himself repeatedly signalled he was willing to break — but yes, they did pledge to support the party’s eventual nominee.

They did not, though, pledge to support the presumptive nominee.

Donald Trump is not the nominee yet. That’s the whole point of the delegate revolt that is brewing: to stop Trump from becoming the nominee.

Until he is the nominee, then Messrs. Cruz, Kasich, et al. have not even violated a smidgen of any pledge, in any sense.


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