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Trump’s Louisiana Delegate Conspiracy Theory

As Rich explores today on the homepage, the latest Donald Trumpertantrum is over the delegate count in Louisiana, where — despite winning by four points earlier this month — Trump is likely to leave with ten fewer delegates than Ted Cruz. The explanation is simple: The five delegates awarded to Marco Rubio, who has since dropped out, and the state’s five unbound delegates are simply more likely to support Cruz. 

Trump, though, who on Sunday threatened a lawsuit, is claiming a conspiracy. Here’s the Wall Street Journal:

After being shut out of important Republican National Convention committee slots in Louisiana, Donald Trump’s campaign argued on Monday that the posts were chosen at a “secret meeting” to which Trump delegates weren’t invited.

“The problem we’re having here is that there was a secret meeting in Louisiana of the convention delegation, and apparently all of the invitations for our delegates must have gotten lost in the mail,” Trump adviser Barry Bennett said Monday during an interview on MSNBC.


One big wrinkle: Mr. Trump’s two Louisiana state co-chairmen both attended the “secret meeting” – which was in fact a gathering at the Louisiana state GOP convention March 12, according to Jason Doré, the state party’s executive director.

There are lies, there are damned lies — and there is the Trump campaign.


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