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Trump May Soon End AFFH

Last night, President Trump sent out a tweet saying that he may entirely put an end to the Obama-Biden administration’s outrageously intrusive Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) regulation. As the president put it:

At the request of many great Americans who live in the Suburbs, and others, I am studying the AFFH housing regulation that is having a devastating impact on these once thriving suburban areas. Corrupt Joe Biden wants to make them MUCH WORSE. Not fair to homeowners, I may END!

Correct. Biden’s expanded anti-suburban housing plans will hurt homeowners far more than even the Obama administration’s wildly overreaching AFFH. I explained all that yesterday in “Biden and Dems Are Set to Abolish the Suburbs.”

Now the president’s campaign needs to highlight just how much AFFH will hurt the suburbs, especially once the egregious AFFH regulation is turbo-charged by Biden’s “Cory Booker strategy.” The suburbs hold the balance in this election. Once they find out what Biden has in store for them, you’ll see their voters turn out for Trump.

Congratulations to President Trump for taking on AFFH. Now, if your campaign exposes the Democrats’ anti-suburban plans and ignores the media screams, the suburbs will be in your corner.


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