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Trump-Mentum: Slowed or Stalled, but Not Reversed

As noted in today’s Morning Jolt, the latest batch of national polls offers somewhat disappointing news for Donald Trump, in the sense that he’s either hit a plateau or losing a few points, but he’s still front-runner.

The new Fox News poll puts Trump in the lead at 26 percentage points. The previous one by Fox in early August had him at 25, so he’s not sliding in that one, but notice Carson has jumped from 12 to 18 percentage points. (Also note that Fiorina has gone from 9 percentage points . . . to 9 percentage points.)

Bloomberg puts Trump at 21 percent – which is the same level as their last poll in late July/early August. Carson jumps from 5 to 19 percentage points over that time. This poll puts Jeb Bush at 13 percent, which is better than most other polls. Fiorina’s at 11 percentage points; only 1 percent liked her best in the previous Bloomberg survey.

Quinnipiac puts Trump at 25 percent nationally . . . which is a bit lower than the 28 percent he had in their poll of late August. Carson jumps from 12 to 17 and Fiorina jumps from 5 to 12 percentage points.

The “Trump has peaked” talk looks premature. But it seems fair to conclude Trump-mentum stalled.


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