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Krauthammer’s Take: New Travel Ban Is ‘Symbolism’ and Not Going to Accomplish Anything

Charles Krauthammer did not hesitate to say that Trump’s latest executive order won’t make any difference for security:

The original order, which was struck down by the courts, was not going to accomplish really anything. Now that it is watered down, it is going to accomplish even less. I’m not against what was ordered, but I don’t think it is going to make a dime’s worth of difference. The fact is that we had been told originally that this order had to be done immediately because the bad guys were waiting to flood into the country. We couldn’t wait, we had to implement the suspension. It turned out that the administration itself is now saying “We are going to wait ten days on this.” Look, it is symbolism. The six nations are not the most important in terms of terrorism. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, others are. They are not on the list. It will be symbolism and not much more.

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