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Trump Nullifies Hillary’s Glaring Weaknesses

The Democrats appear set to nominate Hillary Clinton, a uniquely challenged nominee in this era. The percentage of survey respondents who say they feel unfavorable about her is consistently 10 or more points higher than the percentage who feel favorable about her. Only 37 percent of adults — not even registered or likely voters, adults! — think she is honest and trustworthy; 57 percent say she is not honest or trustworthy. Her former IT specialist, now granted immunity by the Justice Department, is now described by law enforcement officials as a “devastating witness.”

Given an enormous opportunity by their blundering opposition, how will the Republican Party respond?

At this point, it appears Republicans are most likely to nominate Donald Trump, a man who has even higher unfavorable numbers, a man who only 27 percent of respondents think is honest and trustworthy (67 percent say he is not), and who is likely to be required in court this summer over lawsuit for fraud brought against Trump University. 

Given an opponent who is disliked, considered dishonest, and facing trouble with the law, the largest plurality of Republican primary voters are eager to put up the one man in the country who is even more disliked, even more thought of as dishonest, and also facing trouble with the law.

Way to go, primary voters! Give yourself a hand!



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