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Trump, Revised

The Trump campaign uploaded one fact sheet for his economic policy speech earlier in the day, then took it down, then posted a new one. Fortunately, Google cached the original.

The changes are mostly just amusing, for instance the multiple “Trump economists” who scored the plan is now one “Trump campaign economist.” The plan now has “potential to reach a 4% growth rate” (lest it appear lower-than-low-energy, I suppose). The “lower income” taxpayers who previously received the greatest percentage reduction in their tax bill are now “working and middle class.”

The “FDA Food Police” will also be glad to know they are no longer explicitly targeted for elimination.

Perhaps the most disappointing cut is to the Trump “Penny Plan.” The initial fact sheet helpfully made clear to readers how little the proposal achieves because it excludes defense and entitlement spending: a $518 billion budget slated to skyrocket to $519 billion in 2017 instead gets reduced to $513 billion. The new text just promises an impressive-sounding $1 trillion in savings over ten years.


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