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The Slack They Cut

Reading Sir Charles Cooke’s excellent piece on Donald Trump and his fans, I had a memory of 2000: People mocked my man George W. Bush for saying, or implying, that nothing in his life really counted until he reached the age of 40, when he had a profound conversion experience. “When I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible,” he would say.

Trump is about 70. According to his fans — cult? — we are not to count anything he believed, said, or did even earlier this year!

P.S. Former conservative position: Socialized medicine would fundamentally transform America, for the worse. New “conservative” position: Meh. Immigration! Plus, look how nasty he can be to that left-wing Megyn Kelly! Cool!

P.P.S. Used to be, when the Right said “establishment,” it meant the Trilateral Commission, the New York Times, and Skull and Bones. Now the “establishment” is Fox News, John Boehner, and … National Review? Weird times.

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