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Trump Shocks World, Has Cordial Meeting With Mexican President

Part One of Donald Trump’s busy Wednesday is complete and the meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto went pretty well.

The headline is that Trump and Pena Nieto discussed border security and building a wall, but didn’t discuss Trump’s frequent pledge that Mexico would pay to build the wall. But the brief press conference between the two men was cordial, and no shoes or rotten fruit were thrown. Trump may have read aloud his prepared statement with all of the sincerity and comfort of a hostage tape, but all in all, it looked like any other meeting of an American leader at an international summit. Considering how one of the core arguments from the Clinton campaign is that Trump is an unhinged ignoramus who will embarrass the country overseas, Trump played against low expectations today and earned praise from some unexpected corners:

Will Trump keep this up? Or will he strike a different note in tonight’s address on immigration policy? Stay tuned.


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