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Trump Still on Top

Of the new Fox poll, at 25 percent. The finding is consistent with some other surveys. Among people who watched the debate, he had the worst ratings of any of the candidates (19 percent said he did the best job; 32 percent the worst). But it’s not enough to dent his top-line number.

Carson bumps up to second at 12. This shows how important moments are in these debates. He was a non-factor for much of the debate, then had a couple of memorable answers at the end that created a very good impression.

Cruz’s debate has been under-estimated. He’s up to 10. Carly also got a deserved bounced at 5.

Rubio and Kasich are the dogs who didn’t bark. Despite widely praised performances, they basically stayed static. And the losers are Bush and Walker who have seen their support erode. This probably shows how, with a field this big and with such a premium on media attention, adequate isn’t enough, especially when Republicans are in mood for something new and different.

Indeed, one way to look at this poll is that every conventional politician–with the exception of Cruz, whose message is relentlessly anti-Washington and anti-Republican leadership–is struggling to catch on.



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