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Trumpsters, Fuzzballs, and Fury

Trump has done a remarkable job of unifying the Republican party — and the whole right-of-center world, really. You can count the Republican office-holders who have not come out for Trump on one hand, pretty much. Let’s see, you got Cruz, Sasse, Pompeo . . . very, very few. Probably most writers and activists have jumped aboard too — jumped aboard the Trump Train, as they say. There are a few recalcitrants, standing aside, or standing athwart (yelling Stop). But, when you get right down to it, not very many.

And do you notice how angry the Trump supporters are at the recalcitrants? How vituperative, how sneering, how condemnatory? Why is that? There are so few of us. And we in the non-Trump or anti-Trump camp are harmless little fuzzballs. We’re not going to stop Big Orange, apparently. Why the fury? Are we “deviationists” to be brought to heel by the commissars?

When David French was considering an independent bid for the presidency, Trumpsters were livid. (David, by the way, is one person who has not held elective office whom I’d support enthusiastically for the presidency — certainly in 2016.) They said that David was a joke, a nothing, not even worthy of discussion — yet they were obviously piqued. Rattled.

Why is that? Why are Trump people, so many of them, so upset with the few who have not jumped aboard? One possible reason: conscience.

I never wanted to be part of a remnant. (The Reagan Remnant? The world loves alliteration.) But I seem to get stuck in remnants. May happen to you too, in some sphere, I don’t know . . . 


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