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The Trump Video

He apologized right up front, but it didn’t have a contrite feel. He said that the tape was just words–eliding the fact that he was describing actions–and that it doesn’t reflect who he is. He claimed that the campaign–and the faith people have put in him–has changed him. He pledged not to let his supporters down. But the final passage felt most true to Trump–he dismissed the tape as a distraction and contrasted his words with the actions of Bill Clinton and what Hillary did to cover for them. Trump said this will be discussed more in coming days and strongly implied he will prosecute this case against Hillary in the debate.

A couple of thoughts: 1) If he was going to do an apology video, it would have been better to leave it at simply an apology video, but presumably this is the best the campaign could wring out of him; 2) It certainly sounds like he’s going to take a flamethrower to Hillary on Bill’s affairs at the debate. This will make for great drama, but is a very high-risk strategy. At this point, though, Trump may figure what does he have to lose?


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