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Trump Is Trolling Bush — And It’s Working

In response to P.S.

Rich – I’m not sure I even get why the Bush team thinks this is potentially a good fight for them.” As a matter of honor and loyalty, I think it’s right and proper — never mind correct on the merits — for Jeb to defend his brother against Trump’s insinuations. But Trump’s sniping against W. is having exactly the desired effect: It’s forcing Jeb to double-down on his family connection. I think Rubio or Cruz or any of the other contenders would benefit more by defending W. on this “9-11 happened on his watch” nonsense. Jeb is expected to defend his brother and by doing so, he’s reminding everyone that he’s a Bush. The details of the argument are getting lost, in part because Trump isn’t explicitly stating what the real criticism is. It’s taunting more than arguing. I don’t think Bush has any choice but to respond, but I doubt responding will help him much, if at all. I’d bet it’s actually hurting him a little.


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