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Trump You

“Success: It’s going to happen to you!”

So goes the pitch line for Donald Trump’s fraudulent “Trump University,” which has been many things but never an actual university or an accredited educational institution of any kind.

The pitch for Trump U. is exactly the same as the pitch for Trump for President: “We’ll have the best people, the best brains,” etc. It’s kind of amusing how much of the marketing language for Trump U. has been lifted directly for Trump’s stump speech. Remarkable, really. He barely bothered to think up a new line of b.s., instead just recycling the same one he’s been using all along.

You can see the allure to the credulous: Desperate to better their situations, they believe that by associating themselves with a man whose public persona is all about success (never mind that he inherited his money), some of that will rub off on them. After all, Trump is so rich, he seems so powerful on television — how could he, if he turned his benevolence to the task of bringing us up, fail to succeed at that, too?

Which is to say: Trump voters are falling for exactly the same scam that took in Trump University victims. People never learn.


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