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Trump Is Unfit to Be President

In my latest column I argue against Mr. Trump.

But the American president is not merely a package of public policy proposals. The president is our head of state — our chief public representative, a living symbol of the nation. However he would actually govern, Trump is simply unfit to hold this office.

I also look ahead.

But whatever happens this election cycle, conservatives need to get serious about the duties required of a self-governing people. Those conservatives who hold positions of power and influence need to honor their duty to address the concerns and needs of the American people by using the power of government and public policy. The conservative entertainment establishment needs to stop whipping up the public with allegations that their leaders have betrayed them by not doing the impossible. They need to use their influence responsibly and constructively, remembering their duty to the people they reach. And voters have a duty to use the power of the ballot box responsibly, as well.

You can read the column here. Your comments, as always, are appreciated.


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