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Trump v. Clinton — More Evidence of Political ‘Climate Change’

In response to Ouch!

Jim, here’s more evidence that the political climate is changing — the FBI just released its crime figures for 2015, and the murder rate spiked by almost 11 percent. That’s more than 1,500 additional lives lost. While the rate is thankfully much lower than it was in the bad old days of the peak crime epidemic, the increase is still terrible news.

Moreover, it’s terrible news just as police departments have come under increasing fire from the Left – with radicals often slandering cops and a fringe openly calling for their deaths. Yet will Americans be more concerned about the handful of controversial police shootings or the hundreds and hundreds more examples of deadly street crime. Americans are threatened by criminals, not cops, and the anti-police rhetoric may not play well outside progressive urban strongholds.

If Americans are choosing between a perceived status quo and unpredictable change, the worse the status quo becomes, the more likely they’ll roll the dice on change. 


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