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Trump’s Free-Speech Activist Base Falls Silent on the Donald’s Threats against Artist

A satirical portrait of Donald Trump that has been floating for week around the bowels of the social web (Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter) has finally caught the eye of Trump’s team — and they are not pleased. In fact, as Red State’s Leon Wolf reports, Trump has gone so far as to threaten the artist with a lawsuit .

That artist, Los Angeles based Illma Gore, depicted Trump as a scowling, pucker-faced, porn-star-esque, Montgomery Burns figure, replete with small genitals and garish gold jewelry. Thus far, the piece has fetched bids upwards of $141,770.   

In and of itself, the piece is interesting. But what is perhaps more interesting is how quiet Trump’s supporters have been in response. Across the Internet, Trump sympathizers describe themselves defiantly as “free speech activists.” Where are they now that their candidate is making threats against an artist? Sad! 


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