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Pace Trump: People Who Knew Oswald Were Friends of Mine

In light of Donald Trump blathering about Ted Cruz’s father having been with Lee Harvey Oswald, it might be worth noting that I actually knew a man who was with Oswald. Ed Butler rented a room in my dad’s house for about three years, and he regularly put me on his radio show.

Also, a man whose career was ruined by the crazy investigation into World Trade Mart leader Clay Shaw (see the movie JFK), by the name of Jesse Core, was the PR agent who originally shooed Oswald away from the Trade Mart before Oswald was arrested. Core later was a freelance writer for me at Gambit Weekly in New Orleans.

I knew people who knew (and were enemies of) Oswald. Those people were friends of mine. Ted Cruz’s father was no Oswald associate.

And Donald Trump is a viciously lunatic spreader of patently false conspiracy theories, because Trump doesn’t care one bit about truth or decency.


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