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Trusy But Verify with McCain

I think this West Palm reader is right on:

I know the hulabaloo around the idea that Tom Ridge or Smokin’ Joe Lieberman

may be the veep pick is all fun and games, but I wouldn’t get too worked up

about it. Both of those guys violate the primary rules of a VP pick: “Do no

harm. Do some good.”

What does either man offer? McCain is dreaming if he thinks that

Pennsylvania is up for grabs considering the likely huge Philly turnout and

the general Dem tilt of that state. Ridge actually hurts in the minds of

independents outside of PA because he can be associated with Bush and thus

the line that this is “Bush’s Third Term” resonates even more.

Smokin’ Joe won’t help McCain in Connecticut, won’t galvanize the base, and

won’t even help with independents because the Dems have rejected him for

years already.

So don’t get too riled up, it’s not going to be either man. And if it is,

McCain deserves to lose because he doesn’t know how to run a campaign, so

how can he be trusted to be president?

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