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Will Dustin Hoffman Play Scott Johnson?

I wrote today about the perversely titled movie Truth, lionizing Dan Rather and Mary Mapes for one of the great journalistic fiascoes of the last decade (and, as always with the National Guard story, I’m dependent on the work of our incomparable friends at Power Line):  
There are many things that real people do to become the subject of sympathetic movies. Make a flawless emergency landing in the Hudson River with a disabled passenger jet full of passengers. Survive a devastating storm atop Mount Everest. Become the most lethal sniper in the history of the U.S. military. 
Before the advent of the movie Truth, no one would have thought broadcasting a shoddy and immediately discredited report that ruined the careers of the journalists involved and gave their storied network a black eye would make the list….


In a better world, the bloggers who exposed the malfeasance of these seemingly untouchable mandarins of the media would be the ones to get the feature-length film.


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