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Truth Over Rowbacks At The Times

Ut seems that the New York Times — the newspaper of record that all-too-often has shown an aversion to the truth, particularly if the truth has not served the needs of the paper’s liberal columnists — has made a subtle shift in policy that favors accuracy. According to Don Luskin, author of the Krugman Truth Squad, “the Times has been forced to deal with its fox-guarding-the-henhouse policy of letting its op-ed columnists handle corrections of their own errors. That policy of institutionalized unaccountability has led, just as you would expect, to lots of errors and almost no corrections, and to the illusion of infallibility for the likes of Paul Krugman.” In today’s Truth Squad installment, Luskin explains how the new policy comes straight from editorial-page editor Gail Collins, who will be held to the new standard by public editor Daniel Okrent. Of course, the Krugman Truth Squad and other such relentless seekers of the truth had a hand in this policy shift. They deserve a round of applause.


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