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Sorry for my tardiness, but I spent a chunk of the morning watching my daughter compete in her pre-school tryke-a-thon. It was to raise money for St. Luke’s and she earned dollars for every lap she made. It was supposed to be non-competitive, but we all know that sort of thing is for losers.  Lucy started out in a field of only boys on her vintage American Flyer tricycle and dominated the track from the beginning. One boy out-lapped her, but I demanded he be tested for blood doping and steroids. We’ll see if the organizers have any integrity. I would have filed protests against the kids who brought non-complient vehicles, including one girl on a scooter, but since they couldn’t catch up with my kid, I let that slide. There were several crashes, but no fires. Some kids shed tears but, like I told ‘em, if you’re going to run with the big dogs you might get bit. The side bet action was great, by the way.

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