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TSA Subpoenas Bloggers

Sure, this government can’t figure out how to move someone from the terrorist database to the no-fly list, but you can rest assured they’re fixated on the real problem: bloggers who report that TSA issued a directive to increase security after the Christmas bombing attempt. Eileen Sullivan has the story at Big Gummint, here. As she notes, though TSA apparently didn’t want people to know about the directive, it merely outlined procedures that made heightened security perfectly obvious to the public — whether or not there was a written directive — including “screening at boarding gates, patting down the upper legs and torso, physically inspecting all travelers’ belongings, looking carefully at syringes with powders and liquids, requiring that passengers remain in their seats one hour before landing, and disabling all onboard communications systems, including what is provided by the airline” — though TSA is probably a bit embarrassed that the directive “listed people who would be exempted from these screening procedures such as heads of state and their families.” 


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