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TSA Agents Confiscate Teddy Bear and Use It for Social Media

The TSA is one of the most hated government agencies, and the only reasonable explanation for its latest Instagram post is that it is embracing its role as a villain. After seizing a giant teddy bear — whose owner had another ticket in order to take it on the flight — the TSA’s social-media team thought this sad toy was a perfect photo-op to promote the agency.​

By joking about the bear being “abandoned,” homeless, and starving, the TSA Instagram gives the impression that the agents revel in separating stuffed animals from their owners (and probably in ruining Christmas, too). Unless they are joining Jonah’s fight against bear propaganda, it’s difficult to imagine a worse social-media strategy.

The TSA’s ineffective and intrusive security measures frustrate a great deal of holiday travelers, so this is just the time to get people’s goad by bragging about inconveniencing them. Seeing as the picture has gone up on Drudge Report and Time, it has definitely brought unprecedented attention to the TSA’s Instagram account.