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The Tucson Shooter

The problem with fighting back against the (non–?) “blood libel” is that it distracts from what we really want in moments like these: to come together to grieve, to condemn in union, to look for any possible slim act of redemption — to  assert the power of life and community over death, evil, and devastation. (I wrote a column about this.)

Here is what the last known best friend of the Tucson shooter (I don’t like to use the shooter’s name) had to say. Zach clearly denies that talk radio had anything to do with this, but that’s the least important thing he says. Watch this interview and you will see that even two years ago, this young man who has become a monstrous murderer was capable of generating love.

What happened? The sudden onset of schizophrenia in a young man whose family has its own mental issues appears to be the main truthful answer.

Ten years ago he was a kid, more or less normal. Now, he will probably hang for his crimes. But surely it was not inevitable. Surely someone who just two years ago could love and be loved might have been turned?

Watch this young man, the “best friend” of the perpetrator, to see in its own way the enormity of the crime.


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