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Tuesday links

April 25th is ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps ) Day, the anniversary of the 1915 Battle of Gallipoli:  history, maps, contemporaneous footage, a brief documentary, and a Lego re-enactment.

Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Medieval Dragons.

Is a Drunk Witness a Bad Witness?

It’s Oliver Cromwell’s birthday – here’s his excellent speech throwing out the corrupt Parliament, with bonus Monty Python.

The World’s Most Stubborn Real Estate Holdouts.

Inside the FBI’s Colossal Pre-Computer Fingerprint Factory.

ICYMI, Friday’s links are here, and include the science of cheap wine, Earth Day’s murderous co-founder, a 1964 coffee revolt, fighting communism with jazz, and a 1983 episode of The Family Feud that pitted the cast of Gilligan’s Island against the cast of the Batman TV series.


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