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Tuesday links

October 10th, 732 – the clash of civilizations at the Battle of Tours.

What You Actually Got From Those Vintage Back-of-Magazine Ads.

Why 3 Man-Sized Cages Hang From a Medieval German Church Steeple.

Get a Nobel Prize ready: If you’re dealing with menopause symptoms, this beer that might help.

How Do Termites Build Their Huge Structures?

The Plan to Launch Giant Wi-Fi Balloons Over Puerto Rico.

ICYMI, Monday’s links are here, and include nose hair extensions, body organs you can live without, the 4.5 million pieces of undelivered mail that piled up in the Washington, D.C. Dead Letter Office during the Civil War, Columbus Day, and some remastered and colorized images from the Civil War era (including Lincoln and Mark Twain).


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