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Tuesday links

The 1960s Superhero Who Powered Up By Smoking, plus heroes with super vomit, super PMS and squirrel control.

80-Room Tree House Stands Almost 100 Feet Tall.

Neuroscience explains why sex feels good.

Kinetic energy: Would I be able to boil a cup of water by stirring?

Is Your Washroom Breeding Bolsheviks?

The Science Behind Earth’s Many Colors.

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PC Culture

The New, New Anti-Semitism

The old anti-Semitism was mostly, but not exclusively, a tribal prejudice expressed in America up until the mid 20th century most intensely on the right. It manifested itself from the silk-stocking country club and corporation (“gentlemen’s agreement”) to the rawer regions of the Ku Klux Klan’s lunatic ... Read More

The Left, the Wall, the Truth

Democrats and others on the left offer three reasons for their opposition to building a wall on America's southern border. 1. A wall is ineffective. 2. A wall is too expensive. 3. A wall is immoral. Each one is false, so false as to constitute lies. So, the only question is: Do Democrats and others on ... Read More