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Tuesday links

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated 150 years ago today: history, quotes, illustrations, and videos (including the 1956 appearance on I’ve Got A Secret of the last eyewitness).

The mission to clone the wooly mammoth.

Do shoes cause schizophrenia?

Tangentially related to Lincoln: Here’s the 1920’s KKK application form.

Ten unretouched romance-novel covers reenacted by real people.

The mystery of the green children of woolpit.

ICYMIFriday’s links are here, and include reasons for insane-asylum admission in the 1800s, the science of old people smell, a video of a chameleon that’s actually two body-painted women, and making raisins before seedless grapes.


The Latest

Stalin Dies Again

Stalin Dies Again

A crazed cult of personality or really good acting? Restored footage shows how the Soviet Union reacted to Uncle Joe’s demise in the doc State Funeral.