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Tuesday Stuff

From Debby:

The science of humor. Revenge of the cane toads: Australian crocs hit by cane toad ‘wave of death’. Bacon Scented Bacon Print Tuxedo. World War 2 US tank buried under French road. If Chirac were still in charge I’d add a surrender joke here. 35,310 Lego Star Wars Clone Trooper Army Invades Earth. 70+ Tools, Tips and Hacks to Work from Bed. Kids and knives – a safety guide. Classic movie sword fights converted into lightsabres. BBC launches disabled Top Model series. With video preview. Martian soil good enough for asparagus. New Space Camp Barbie. A 77 year old grandmother has been hired by the Italy’s military to train recruits in hand-to-hand combat. Here’s a graph that ranks the American states according to what fraction of their population is toothless. Dave Barry’s colostomy journal.[See update below before you email me — JG]

How Russian Scientists Kept a Dog’s Severed Head Alive. Gallery of flood photos. Council turns dog poo pink.

Update: From a reader (one of many, making the same point):

It’s a colonoscopy journal, not a colostomy journal. They are *not* the

same thing.

I was very relieved for Dave to discover that when I followed the link.


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