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From Debby:

How the Songs We Heard Growing Up Shaped Our Lives.

Star Trek warp drive is a possibility, say scientists.

Snooze Button For Body’s Circadian Clock.   Male pole dancing.   Nanny state story du jour: Fat children should be taken from parents. ”…parents who allowed their children to eat too much could be as guilty of neglect as those who did not feed their children at all.”   The sheep an d goat olympics.   Cooking and Cognition: How Humans Got So Smart.   Wedding cake made of meat.   Working toward the rubber band ball record.   Nepal is seeking a new goddess – must be between two and four years old,  must have a voice “as soft and clear as a duck’s”, “the body of a Banyan tree” and “the chest of a lion”.  Related, geographically, Nepal man finds soulmate after marrying 25 times.   Miniature cows – family pets that provide milk.   Experimenting with fusion at ho me.   Do Subatomic Particles Have Free Will?   Potatoes May Hold Key To Alzheimer’s Treatment.   Best Chinese restaurant name.   Italy bans Mafia from singing in prison.   Confused sea turtles march into restaurant.   Man confesses to murder.  The plea deal?  He gets a bucket of chicken.



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