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Tumulty, Peters & More

Those two pieces Rich links to are among today’s “Hot Links” on our homepage. Check them out daily. Here’s a look at today:

NRO Hot Links


BRENDAN MINITER: Can Republicans “Steele” away some of the black vote? Wall Street Journal

TONY BLANKLEY: The Dems in control — a practical look into the future. Washington Times

GEORGE WILL: Romney gains from Allen’s fumbles. Washington Post

ANDREW FERGUSON: Negative ads attack voters — with facts. Bloomberg

RALPH PETERS: Military government may be the best answer. New York Post

MICHAEL FREUND: Strike Iran hard with military force, and dismantle its nuclear weapons program, before it is too late. Jerusalem Post

JEFF JACOBY: Take a look at the jihad. Boston Globe

KATHLEEN PARKER: A clone is a clone.

MAX BOOT: Who likes Ike? Los Angeles Times

KAREN TUMULTY: John Kerry, still one step behind. Time

MICHELLE MALKIN: Kerry reminds you of Durbin… JewishWorldReview

MICHAEL GRAHAM: Who’s the real flunky? Boston Herald

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