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Turkey: Not Ready for the EU

Here’s another reminder (as if we need any more), via the EU Observer:

EU candidate country Turkey has in the last minute postponed a visit from the European Parliament’s environment committee because of a Cypriot MEP. European lawmakers fear the row could have a negative effect on the country’s EU membership talks. “The reaction from Turkey is unacceptable,” said the head of the delegation German centre-right MEP Karl-Heinz Florenz. “A democratic country upholding the rule of law – and this is the view Turkey has of itself – has to be able to deal with difficult guests. This incident shows that Turkey still has deficits and is not ready for Europe,” he said in a statement…Danish socialist MEP Dan Jorgensen calls it a “scandal” which could have serious effects on Turkeys’ chances of becoming an EU member. “This shows that Turkey has completely misunderstood democratic rules,” Mr Jorgensen told Danish Radio DR.


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