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Turn That Frown Upside Down

Boss: All right, all right, I’ll try to be more cheerful, truly I will.

There must be something good to be said about the state of the nation. I

shall seek it out and broadcast it from the rooftops.

On the religion point, I think the instinctive contrarian in me took over

there. I was writing about UK vs. US conservatism. The thing most commonly

said in that context is that our conservatism is more solidly founded than

theirs, because our religious Right acts as a sheet anchor for our

conservatism. I just wanted to pick up & expand on Jeff Hart’s argument

that this ain’t necessarily so. Which it ain’t. So this point, which one

hears all the time (e.g. from Micklethwait & Wooldridge) may be false

comfort for US conservatives.

(Plus, I am a bit under Jonah’s influence, having sat & listened to him

expound on some related themes at Mahogany Ridge in Atlanta the other night.

Ask him about Father Coughlin & you’ll see where my thoughts were going.)


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