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Turning the Beat Around

This continues to be the reaction I’m getting about Palin — people who weren’t sure if they’d bother voting for McCain, or would holding their noses, are now excited:

I just wanted to throw in my two-cents-worth on the Palin pick. I am OVERJOYED! Today I went from “I guess I’ll reluctantly vote for McCain, but that’s it” to “I can’t wait to go to the local McCain headquarters to sign up as a volunteer!” As someone who has worked in the trenches for the GOP for many elections, I cannot tell you what a relief it is to know I won’t be watching from the sidelines this year. Sarah Palin is exactly who McCain needed to pick, and we are seeing the evidence of this already in the excitement his choice has generated. Anecdotally, I am hearing from people in my workplace who were leaning Obama who now are getting caught up in the “Palin Rush” and are leaning McCain. Not too shabby!


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