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Turning the Corner

E-mails are up to 400 and still coming in on my “Blood Libel” piece yesterday. There is no chance I can answer any but a tiny percentage, so my apologies to the rest, with the usual assurance that everything (except content-free abuse, of which there is very little here) gets read and considered.

Several readers wonder if I have turned some sort of corner with the creationists, am perhaps no longer willing to engage them civilly. Well, I shall always strive to engage all reasonable points of view civilly, but everyone has his limits. “Darwin inspired the Holocaust” is a tad the other side of my limits.

If that is the point that the creationists’ mad lucubrations have driven them to, then yes, I think we’re out of the civil-discourse zone. It’s a matter of values. Anyone who wants to go to the bathroom on the greatest acheivements of my civilization, will have to get past me first.

For an example of trying my very best to be civil, see today’s exchange with David Berlinski on Pajamas Media.


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