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Milwaukee, Wis. — It’s expected to be 60 percent or higher. Already, there are signs here and across the state that it’ll meet or exceed that expectation. For what it’s worth, the weather is clear and warm with temperatures in the low-70s.

In many cities, lines were reported at polling places, even before they opened at 7 a.m. Central Time. In Janesville, not far from the Illinois border, about 20 residents waited among a landscape of ferns and flowers in front of the Rotary Botanical Gardens.

Conservative callers tell Charlie Sykes that they’re seeing ”massive early turnout,” per Steve Hayes. But in Madison, the capital, Democrats may suffer from the summer recess. Most UW-Madison students are elsewhere. Walking around town over the weekend, it was clear that aging hippies are the city’s chief population in early June. The legislative workers are out of session; the students are home.

UPDATE: WTMJ reports:

In Milwaukee, “there are lines at all of our polling sites” said Milwaukee Election Commissioner Sue Edman. “If it continues as we think it will, it is going to be very, very high… from what I’m hearing, the wait is anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes.”

Of course, all of this is anecdotal.


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