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TV Wrap Up 2: Lost (with Spoilers)

I loved the season finale, really. I thought it was classic Lost. But the whole sequence of “we have to stop Jack from detonating his bomb” to “we have to help Jack detonate his bomb” was paper-thin and ludicrous.

I particularly liked that Jacob kept emphasizing that everyone has a choice, which suggests to me — along with Jacob’s last words — that the timeline will be restored. Well, that and the fact that there’s a new season next year and it seems doubtful that J. J. Abrams would have incinerated two-thirds of the primary cast with a thermonuclear weapon before the end of the series. Regardless, it’s good to have the show come down on the side of free will.

I also liked that Abrams included a literal “What’s in the box?” device to bring the season home.

Update: Yes, yes, my mistake. Abrams left Lost a long time ago.


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