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Twelve Things that Caught My Eye Today (August 20, 2019)

1. How China’s Restrictive Family Planning Policies Have Resulted in Human Rights Violations

2. Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Clinics Have the Same Adoption Referral Rate: 1%

3. An adoptive mother gives thanks:

4. Daily Signal: This Family Approached Intercountry Adoption Differently, and It Worked

5. Ashley Bratcher, the actress who plays Abby Johnson in the movie Unplannedlaunches an annual educational scholarship for single mothers of unplanned pregnancies who choose life with Heartbeat International.

6. An Ohio birth mother’s story:

“I mentioned earlier that telling my parents I was pregnant was the second hardest day of my life. Handing her over to a new family was the hardest day of my life,” Lewis said. “She was going to a good family, and that’s what I had to tell myself.”

7. My ‘by the bootstraps’ story: From foster care to software engineer

8. Mark Regnerus on Public Discourse: How the Rise in Unreligious Americans affects Sex and Marriage: Comparative Evidence from New Survey Data 

9. in the WSJ: The Lonely Burden of Today’s Teenage Girls

10. Captures our sometimes-merciless tendencies: Prodigal Son Kicked Back Out After Old Tweets Surface

11. Michael Pakaluk on prayer and asceticism

12. I enjoy Pat Sajak on Twitter:

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