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Twelve Things that Caught My Eye Today (August 21, 2019)

1. The judge in Australia who believed Cardinal George Pell should be release from prison and said so

2. Damaged babies and broken hearts: Ukraine’s commercial surrogacy industry leaves a trail of disasters

3. There is nothing good in this story about a man set for execution in Florida tomorrow

4. About a Virginia family’s fight with leukemia. Long-time readers of NR will appreciate knowing that Poppy’s mother is Kate O’Beirne’s niece

5. A birth mother talks about choosing adoption for her second child:

Dominique’s Story from BraveLove on Vimeo.


7. A Religious Freedom & Business Foundation study suggests common ground in the unnecessary religious freedom/LGBT clash

8. Robert P. George on our need for courage:

9. Persuading in a Divided Age: The Christian’s Privilege

10. We have too many Abraham Lincolns (a.k.a unchurched Americans)?

11. The Heartfelt Logic of Mercy: A Prerequisite for Being Christian

More on this here:



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