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Twelve Things That Caught My Eye Today (December 18, 2019)

1. Aleppo priest says dire Christmas awaits Christians trapped by Syria’s civil war

2. Lesbos migrant camp children ‘say they want to die’ – BBC News

3. Los Angeles Boosts Funding for Foster Children to Visit Incarcerated Parents




7. Kay Hymowitz: Democrats’ Diversity Blues: The party’s leadership class cares much more about identity politics than its voting base does.

8. The tiny chalice that tells the story of Lithuania’s heroic priests

9. Winsted vet survives Germans, frostbite, and gripping fear

10. Michigan couple married 70 years dies minutes apart

11. Teaching High Schoolers the Ingenuity and Prowess of Poetry


PLUS: Talking with Erica Komisar about Mr. Rogers and things


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