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Twelve Things that Caught My Eye Today (May 20, 2019)

1. Kathleen Parker:

I’ll always wonder how acceptance of destroying the pre-born has affected our humanity. And how many among the more than 60 million Americans aborted since 1973 were destined to shape a better world.

2. The moving poem a repentant Italian playboy wrote for the son he had aborted

3. AP: Louisiana governor breaks with Democratic Party on abortion

4. Grateful for this segment on CNN’s Reliable Sources this weekend:

5. Thoughts on adoption from an adoptive mother and activist:

6. The valedictorian at Notre Dame this weekend took us to an orphanage in Paraguay:

7. Peggy Noonan, the commencement speaker, mentioned Amy Coney Barrett in her address:

What can be done to focus more on threats to religious freedom? They are real and will get real. You know this. The polls are interesting. They say Americans are not always breaking down the doors to go to church, but they respect religious life. They intuitively understand the crucial nature of religious institutions, and they don’t want to see them under siege. They don’t want long-held religious beliefs compromised or trampled by the state. I feel I’ve known America a long time. Deep down it actually respects you when the dogma lives loudly within you.

That was my shout-out to Amy Barrett. Thank you. Thank you, Amy.

She also gave a shout-out to the wonderful Yuval Levin:

He said conservatives have to stop hating our institutions. A conservatism that despises it society’s institutions is self-destructive. He is exactly right. In our political life, both sides have big sins. But you cannot hate and denigrate government, the press, the courts, our institutions and claim that the same time that you are trying to be constructive. You are not. You cannot hate the other side and claim you are trying to help. You are not. Fight failures, fight oversteps, fight arrogance and high-handedness. But we must do it in a spirit of repair. The secret of successful politics: Be moved more by what you love than what you hate.

8. Washington Post: Where accused blasphemers wait on death row, A recent acquittal has given detainees cause for hope in Pakistan, where punishments for blasphemy are exceptionally harsh

9. Texas Church Opens New Sanctuary 18 Months After Massacre

10. Common ground between faith and feminism on men . . .  from a new report on faith and family from Brad Wilcox and others




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