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Twelve Things that Caught My Eye Today: Myanmar, Amy Coney Barrett, & More (October 13, 2020)

1. ‘Kill All You See’: In a First, Myanmar Soldiers Tell of Rohingya Slaughter 

2. Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio: We shouldn’t have to sue Gov. Cuomo to reopen our churches

Last Sunday, we had to all but shutter 28 Catholic churches throughout Brooklyn and Queens, because they’re located in Gov. Cuomo’s red and orange zones. We could only admit 10 people to red-zone churches, 25 to orange-zone churches. Words can’t express my disappointment.

As a bishop, a successor of the Apostles, I have a sacred duty to spiritually provide for all parishioners. And that means defending their right to attend Mass.

3. Abby Johnson and other former abortion clinic workers write in support of Amy Coney Barrett

The things we have personally witnessed inside of abortion clinics we would never wish on our worst enemies; it’s not just the messiness of abortion that haunts us and putting together pieces of aborted babies. No, it’s the complete and utter disregard for the women – they are solely means of increasing revenue. And that’s something that is missing from the conversation on abortion which we can personally attest to during our time working in abortion clinics.

4. ‘Handmaid’ reality: Deeply religious marriages have more spousal equality

5. What Kind of Judge is Amy Coney Barrett? A Closer Look at Her Cases

6. Gordon Chang: Why a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Would Be a Massive Mistake

“China may find out, however, that by the time Beijing is ready for war, Taiwan will have cemented relationships with powerful friends, the ones Chinese leaders fear.” 


8. Anthony Esolen: E Pluribus Nihil

We thought for a long time that a common culture and history could serve us in place of a common faith. That was the bland liberal hope. Dashed; the culture withers, and the history is traduced and loathed.

9.  Michael Wear: Trump hasn’t ‘saved Christianity’ and Christians shouldn’t save his presidency

It is Biden who has run a campaign that has promised to decrease the antagonism in our politics, not Trump. It is Biden who has committed to pursuing racial justice from the basis of our shared humanity, as opposed to Trump’s consistent use of race as a tool to tear the American people apart. It is Biden who insists political opponents can be good people, and that those who have a different perspective must still be valued members of the American family.



12. ACB Calmly Answers Questions While Typing Up Appellate Court Decision And Cooking Dinner For 9


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