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Twelve Things That Caught My Eye Today (October 7, 2019)

An interview about A Year with the Mystics

Amazingly, by the way, it’s still $15.96 off on Amazon

I did put it together thinking it would make a great gift book. So get your Christmas shopping done early?

And if you’re in New York today, come to our rally for hope tonight! More about it here.

1. Speaking of hope: This makes me so very happy — Notre Dame’s Center for Ethics and Culture is honoring Vicki Thorne, the founder of Project Rachel, which has helped so many women and men heal after abortion.

2.  Mike Pompeo at the Vatican this weekend: “We must recognize the roots of religious repression. Authoritarian regimes and autocrats will never accept a power higher than their own. And that causes all sorts of assaults on human dignity. We must exercise our moral voice to confront them.”


4. Governor Newsom signs a bill giving foster kids rights to secret abortions, rape care, phone calls, texts

5. Michigan governor axes funding for pregnancy, parenting support

6. Family Breakdown and America’s Welfare System

7. Salena Zito: If Warren, Ohio, teaches us anything it’s that a place is more than what closed down, or what used to be. 

8. Ryan Anderson: Will the Supreme Court stand up for reality?


10. In the New York Times: For Churches, a Temptation to Sell

11. Karen Swallow Prior: 8 Works of Fiction Every Christian Should Read

12. John Paul II in Central Park 24 years ago today (I was there!)

Video footage here and here.


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